Sri Ram Tours

Terms and Conditions

We make every effort to provide you with the best services in a pleasant, friendly, and homely atmosphere at all times. We strive for your complete satisfaction to provide a safe and secure journey to the best of our ability without any misunderstandings between your good selves, Sri Ram Tours, and the tour escorts. hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions given hereunder.


There is mostly a pre-set menu for meals depending on the tour program. Packed meals are served at some places. The company mostly serves Vegetarian food. Sri Ram Tours does not differentiate amongst the guest/s by providing a special meal or special diet. apart from that if any different diet is required, the said guest/s shall make their arrangements for the meal at their own costs and consequences. No Complaints / Claims for refund in respect of the meals shall be entertained and Sri Ram Tours reserves the right to change the menu and arrangements of the meals without assigning any reasons therefore.


The company takes care to select hotels and book the same on behalf of guest/s at convenient locations subject to availability.

International Tours

Hotel accommodation is generally provided on Twin sharing basis in standard rooms and the third bed is often a roll-away mattress put in a twin-bedded room. Most of the rooms have a private bath or shower. Air-conditioning and other facilities are provided by the hotels depending upon various factors including weather / climatic conditions, local systems, tour type, etc. A family of four(4) is given two(2) rooms at most the destinations around the world, as safety regulations do not allow four(4) persons in one room. In such cases, for child guest/s tour price is charged for adults to be paid. In case of any improvements with hotel services, guest/s are requested to inform reception. All baggage and personal effects under all circumstances are the sole responsibility of guest/s. Any damages to the hotel room, sightseen place, or coach during the stay/visit/tour shall be the sole responsibility of the guest/s. The hotel's management/administration shall be solely responsible for all the service-related issues of the hotel staff. Guest/s availing additional facilities over and above provided by Kesari such as mini-bar, paid television channels, as well as any telephone/internet facilities, are not included in the tour cost and guest/s shall bear the expenses for the same.

Domestic Tours

Hotel accommodation is generally provided on a double bedroom in triple sharing basis. no extra mattress will be provided for the third guest. If they need an extra mattress guests pay extra and manage themselves. company is not responsible for extra facilities you avail.

(i) Single Occupancy
Single guests provided with single occupancy / single bedded rooms have to pay single occupancy charges for the full tour. The size of a single room is comparatively smaller than a twin sharing room and may be on a different floor than group rooms.

(ii) Check-in and check-out time
Every guest has to abide by the check-in and check-out times of the respective hotels. For Indian tours, generally, the check-in time is 12 noon and the check-out time is 10 a.m. For World tours, generally, the check-in time is 3 p.m. and the check-out time is at 12 noon. However, check-in and check-out may also differ depending upon destination, hotel policy, etc. If the guest wants any change therein, the guest should manage the same at his own cost with hotel authorities on payment of additional charges, if any.

(iii) Additional facilities
Additional facilities including laundry, telephone, mini-bar, alcohol, beverages, food, optional excursions, excess baggage fees, shopping, and paid toilet if availed by the guest/s, have to be paid by the guest/s only before leaving the hotel, ship/cruise or restaurant, etc. as the case may be.

(iv) Room Sharing
Two single guests can decide to share a hotel room, and/or accommodate a third guest booked on the same tour on a triple sharing basis. Any misunderstandings or incidents like missing items or differences of opinion between each other shall have to be settled between room partners themselves. The company is not responsible for any loss or mishap. If for any reason, the concerned partner cancels or alters the booking of the tour, then the other guest/partner has to bear entire room charges including that of the partner who has canceled the tour. No adjustment shall be made from the monies contributed by the guest / #partner who had canceled the tour. Shared rooms have no smoking policy.